5 Tips to Make Your Roof Last As Long As Possible

One of the basic components that make a house is the roof. If you do not have a sturdy roof, then no matter how good your interior design or exterior design is, you would not feel comfortable enough even to have a good night’s sleep. Here are five practical tips on how to make your roof last as long as possible.

1. Clean the Gutter

Rain or shine, the roof is the first shield of your home against water and sunlight. UV rays can be the least of your worries when protecting the surface of the roof. In contrast, water and accumulated dirt that are not removed from the roof gutter would mostly contribute to deterioration of the material and build up debris. The best you can do is to regularly check on the gutter and clean it up. Maintaining it can be a little frustrating as it requires much time and effort to go to the roof and let the water flow back to the fascia.

2. Check the Fasteners

A number of homeowners are bugged with leaks especially during the rainy season. At this time, you can see pails and buckets of water placed at the floors to catch the leaking from the roof. The best move is to get the fasteners with a tube of roofing caulk. Make sure to purchase one that is really intended for roofs. Regular checkup on this is required every five years.

3. Remove Leaves

By virtue of its locations, the roof on houses can have many or few leaves. One that is near trees or located inside a forest or on a mountain can be harder to do away with leaves and bushes and even branches. These things are candidates of breaking down the roof as they tend to give out moisture and thus weaken the roof surface. Worst is when they start to penetrate the covering of the roof and sheathing down to the framing. Sweeping the roof to remove piles of leaves is advisable.

4. Remove Pests

Aside from the leaves, the “common intruders” on the roof is the colony of pests. The roof can be a common home to ants, mites, and even the occasional bird nest. If you see that these pests are difficult to remove, getting professional services is most ideal. Let the pros handle the problem at the earliest time possible so you can be rest assured that these pests do not build their own home on top of yours.

5. Repaint the Roof

After cleaning the roof, the next step to consider is to repaint the roof surface. For sure, after so many years, the original paint would have faded or peeled. To extend the life of the roof, find products that are suited to paint the roof once again to refurnish the integrity of the covering. Start with the appropriate base coat, then apply the top coat and let it dry before finally painting the roof to give it new life.