Fire Curtains are an Amazing Safety Vanguard for Homes and Better Home Improvement

Fire is one thing that people should be aware and alert with every time. It could occur anytime especially at times you least expect it, and through the years fire accident is one of the most recurrent catastrophes. Fortunately, building material manufacturers are able to come up with some ways to prevent and reduce fire disasters such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire doors, and fire curtains. Fire Curtains are a smoke and fire fabric barrier used for compartmentalized fire protection. However, most residents do not usually apply fire curtains in their homes and only a small number of people are fully aware and knowledgeable about them.

What they do not know is that fire curtains are very helpful and can definitely play the role of a fire vanguard in homes for better home improvement and fire protection. Fire curtains work by having side channels on either side of the curtain which acts to retain the fire resistant curtain material that is also resistant to the high pressures caused by fire. Good fire curtains normally have an insulation value of 30 minutes. They are easy to install using a light gauge steel framework and can be used to extend a firewall where it is unpractical to use block and other hard building materials. Penetrations through the fire barrier can be managed using the firefly collaring system which insures that the integrity of the fire and smoke barrier is maintained.

Fire curtains allow a lot more flexibility both for refurbishing homes and even buildings or constructing new ones instead of having bulky fire doors and fire shutters. The technology of fire curtains is progressive and they have many benefits, one of which is helping with architectural designs and development. Another form of fire curtain is the Fire Protection Plasterboard. It is strong in intensity and it serves as the toughest inorganic plasterboard insulation material in intensity as compared with other nearest density products. It is also heat resistant that it stays in shape under any extreme temperature and is water-resistant. Likewise, it has lower thermal conductivity compared to other hard mass thermal insulation materials.

With its fire proof components and features, fire protection plasterboard is one of the most effective insulated materials on the market that offers passive fire protection. In view of the fact that fire protection plasterboard is moisture resistant, it will not weaken when used in damp and humid environments. Therefore it is ideal for external applications as well. This Calcium Silicate thermal insulated fire protection  plasterboard is widely be used in electrical power, petroleum, chemical industry, ship-building, machinery, light industry, and thermal networks to conserve energy, reduce the hot-loss, lower the environmental temperature, improve working conditions as well as raise energy efficiency. Safety is extremely important for all homes where families are concerned, so start considering installing fire curtains.