Gutter Installation and Its Importance in Home Improvement

A good gutter system means preventing rain damage to the interior and exterior of the house, ground erosion, and to protect the landscaping from being eroded away. It also helps control the flow of rainwater from the roof to the ground. For that reason, it’s important to keep gutters in good maintenance and free from leaves and other debris that interrupt the intended exit of excess rain water and melted snow.

As time goes by, external causes can damage gutters or pull them away from your home’s fascia boards such as ice, snow, falling tree limbs, and even squirrels. Debris can accumulate, causing water to leak into your attic, between the siding layers, or seep into the basement. The best time to check your gutters for damage is during the spring or summer. You can do an early inspection by hosing water unto the roof, watching if the gutter flow is correct or where the flow is stopped up or diverted by leaves and debris, and looking for leaks and other problems. It will help to detect if any gutter repair needed before things get worse.

Gutter Installations:

Aluminum Gutters

  • $6 to $10/feet.
  • Aluminum will not rust no matter what the weather and no matter how hot the sun’s heat.
  • Can come segmented or seamless is for professional installation.
  • Can dent and bend under heavy weight, powerful winds, and heavy falling debris.

Copper Gutters

  • Attractive and durable material especially for historical restorations.
  • $15/square feet.
  • Life span of over 75 years.
  • Will oxidize over many years to an attractive minty green color.
  • A target for thieves, copper can be traded for cash, so copper gutters need to be protected by a security system or installed sturdily or too high for thieves to reach.

Steel Gutters

  • $4 to $8/feet.
  • Can rust if water doesn’t drain properly.
  • Requires some very heavy maintenance.
  • Very strong and can support a lot of weight without damage.

Vinyl Gutters

  • $3 to $5/feet.
  • Can become brittle in extremely cold weather.
  • Color is part of the material.
  • Easy and lightweight.
  • Will not corrode, dent, or chip.

Depending on the customer’s needs, budget, and location the choice of material is entirely up to the client. The more expensive material they choose, the more value gutters can give when putting your home on the market. Whatever they choose, they still reap the benefits of protecting their home and landscaping from the elements.