How to Keep Playroom Storage Organized Amid the Chaos

The average number of children in suburban households is usually three. So parents are familiar with the fact that no matter how you try to keep the playroom organized, your children seem to love chaos. There seems to be fun in chaos when the toys are strewn all over the floor. It gets worse if your storage areas are limited for the kid’s toys. In spite of this, there’s a way out of all this chaos.

Stuffed Animals

Kids love stuffed animals, male or female. There’s something about the character of stuffed animals that children love so much to the point that the stuffed things are almost their friends. Before you know it, your children will have, on average, around 50 stuffed animals of various sizes. Storing them all away can be a challenge and it’s not a good idea to keep them on the bed. You can try using a zippered bean bag to pack all the stuffed animals. Place the bean bag in the corner of the playroom and this act as a seat and storage place. You can also use the large stuffed animals as pillows by placing them inside pillowcases.

Wall Storage

Instead of placing stuff on the bed or the room floor, wall storage is a great advantage at organizing the playroom. You can hang baskets on the wall and store small items and small toys. Or you can have wall shelves made to hold toys and other kid’s stuff.

Storage Under the Bed

No matter how small or big the space is under your children’s bed, there will always be space for storage. Unfortunately, some kids just stuff toys under the bed unorganized. You can control any chaos under the bed by using rolling bins for toy storage. Remind the children to close the lids when the bins are in storage. You can also use storage bags to place out of season clothes and blankets under the bed. These items will be stored well and will not take up dresser or closet space.

Wooden storage containers

Remember those old types of wooden storage containers your grandparents or parents used to have to store your toys? Those can come in handy in the playroom since the lightweight lids can be easily opened and closed by children. Because of their size, both big and small toys can be stored inside. They also double as seats because of their sturdy structure.