Tips for Maintaining Your Roof during Extreme Summers

Imagine a hot summer day and just how brutal the sweltering heat can be. Now add 50°F to the plight of the traditional black colored roof. The average roof can only absorb so much heat and it needs to maintain a temperature 50°F above the air temperature. Remember that the hotter your roof gets the hotter […]

Improving Your House Exterior the DIY Way

Home Garden  A nice garden creates a panorama of color and fragrance around your home. The overall change in the appearance of your house will definitely change with a well maintained and neat garden. Here are some simple tips to improve your garden and its landscaping: Pay special attention to regular watering during summers. Extreme […]

Finding the Right Professional Gutter Company for Gutter Installation

Homeowners planning to replace their gutters and have entirely new gutter installed should consider doing this project during the dry season or when it seldom rains. This will minimize damage to the roof during the gutter installation process. The process always starts with searching for a good professional gutter installation company. A good and professionally […]