Unique Things You Can Do with Pegboard for Better Home Improvement

While long relegated to workbenches and garages, nowadays, modern pegboard panels are cropping up throughout the house in a variety of new and clever uses. People often peg pegboard as being fit only for the garage. That concept certainly has a lot of holes in it. As the following DIY pegboard projects most emphatically suggest, there is potential for perforated wall panels in virtually every room of the house. Particularly for those with a fondness for order and a weakness for creating clutter, pegboard is no mere practical option. Pegboard is something more profound, like a small gift from the DIY gods.

Kitchen De-cluttering

Even in a generously sized kitchen, there never seems to be enough space for cookware. How often have you stretched to reach a colander inconveniently stored in the recesses of your cabinetry? With a DIY pegboard project for the kitchen, those frequently used items always remain in your line of sight and within easy arm’s reach. You can even arrange your pots and pans according to your preference since the hooks can be adjusted.

Organizing the Workspace

Finding a paper clip needn’t be a scavenger hunt. DIY pegboard projects organize the home office as effectively as the woodworking shop. To install the pegboard, nail furring strips into the wall studs, one strip for each side of the pegboard. Then mount the pegboard, outfitting the panel with your choice of accessories. Again, you can arrange specifically what you want to hang up, or use the pegboard for your electrical and other wirings.

Headboard in Your Bedroom

When things go bump in the night, sometimes they’ve fallen off your bedside table. That would never happen, of course, if your headboard were a panel of painted pegboard. Short on floor space? Dispense with the nightstand altogether. After all, everything you need can go on a shelf or in a basket attached to the pegboard.

Construct a Charging Bay

As technology has become a fixture in our lives, so too have unsightly wires and chargers. Hide them with this DIY pegboard project. Start by drilling into the bottom of a nice-looking case that’s big enough to hold a power strip. Put the power strip in the case, feeding its cord out through the drilled hole. Finish by fitting a piece of pegboard into the top of the case.

Create a Gallery Wall

A typical gallery wall contains an arrangement of photos and artwork, each in its own frame. In a formal setting in the foyer or living room, nothing beats that approach. But elsewhere in the home, pegboard offers an easily modified decorative solution, one that is perfect for people who can never get enough of hanging things on the wall.