Unique Ways to Improve Your Home Security

On average, around 2 million home burglaries are committed annually; that’s around one burglary every 15 seconds, according to the United States’ FBI database. However, before spending on an expensive security system including landmines, take a careful look around your home and neighborhood first. Chances are your home may only need a few changes and a few low cost purchases to improve the overall security.

Hold a Family Meeting

Inculcate into every family member, the youngest kids included, about the importance of home security and the dangers of your home being breached. List some simple security rules such as:

  • Making sure all door and window locks are secure and locked before leaving the home, when at home, and before bedtime.
  • Don’t open the door to uninvited or total strangers.
  • Keep the garage door locked.
  • Secure the home even when home or when in the yard.
  • Keep the alarm system on even when just going out for a quick purchase or going next door.

Request a police security survey

You can actually request for a complimentary police home inspection. An officer can walk through your home and recommend cost-effective changes or additions.

Organize a Burglary

You can have fun with your relative or sibling by requesting him to attempt to break into your home. Or if you have a safe you can request the same person to intentionally break into your home and try to find the safe.

Remove the “Hidden” Key

Burglars have a keen sense if the hidden house key is under the mat, taped in the mailbox, or under a rock. Have extra keys made instead for all adult family members.

Place Keys and Garage Door Remotes in a Safe Place

Don’t leave house and car keys or the garage remote near the door or visible from the window. Secure them in a drawer, cabinet, or away from the window line-of-sight.

Add Warning Signs

Whether you have an expensive security system or not, post entry way or window signs that your home is protected by a system made by so-and-so company. Or post some “Beware of Dog” signs in front of the house.

Watch the Ladder

Never ever store a ladder outside your home. A burglar posing as a repairman can use it to access a balcony or second-floor window.

Secure the Air-con Holes

Unsecured air-conditioner holes or windows can give a burglar and easy entry point. Use a window bracket, sliding hole or window lock, or corner braces.